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paris fashion week is almost over (tomorrow is the last day) so i'm here to show some of the stuff i've liked so far but mostly because alexander mcqueen showed today and i just wanted to post pretty pictures.

ok before the fashion i just wanted to post this because i really love this because i'm sooooooooo goff~~~~~~~ like gway circa 2003/2004 ok.


i thought this was hilarious in a very awesome way.

COMME WAS PERFECT. would wear everything.

i am so into minimalism it's ridic.

this is my ultimate fantasy goth wardrobe:

i really liked the mix between overflowing and simplicity of this.


i really liked the shoes against my better judgment.

shoes in question.

everything in this collection is impeccable. i suggest you see everything.

ANN D ALWAYS KILLS IT. i never not love anything she makes.

this is so beautiful and it's so mcqueen but not. i love that it's a farewell.

(so elven queen chic tbh)

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