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acidmoloko ([personal profile] acidmoloko) wrote2010-10-08 07:27 pm

useless meta idk

so i kind of liked this ep. sometimes. okay, not really. i only mostly liked the parts where you could see dean and sam's old relationship kind of creeping in around the edges.

HOWEVER, i was disappointed in castiel. first off, I HATED HIS HAIR. then there was that whole, "I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO CARE" bullshit. i was like, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU." yes, yes season 4 we was like, ~i can't interfere or care my name is castiel~ but then we saw him care and now it's just-- weird and disconcerting. like all of a sudden castiel has somewhat regressed. also, what the fuck is it trying to cram 50 million fucking new characters into this show? i don't care for the campbells (esp. since they killed of the cutest/interesting one) nor this balthazar dude.

i did like, however, how castiel this ep was a badass angel and ok, the air quote thing had be dying of laughter but still i don't have faith in this season at all.

ps. i find sam gross and kind of annoying with his "NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME" crap.